HMRC error affects 5 Million UK taxpayers

The Daily Telegraph has reported that HMRC have made miscalculations in millions of taxpayers’ pay and tax calculations for the 2013-14 tax year. We have already been contacted by many of our clients whose employees have received form P800 which they believe to be incorrect as the forms show they have earned more than they […] Read more »

Automatic Enrolment Costs

A recent survey of employers being asked if they have encountered additional costs in respect of the new automatic enrolment responsibilities has revealed that the potential financial burden incurred could prove to be sizeable. More than 43% said they had faced additional costs with almost a quarter saying they needed additional resources. The expenses incurred […] Read more »

Outsourced Payrolls for Brighton Accountants

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Brighton Accountants Feist Hedgethorne who have made the decision to outsource their entire client payroll service to Sussex Payroll Services. We had worked several years ago with Jamie Young, now one of the directors at Feist, who knew we had set up our own […] Read more »