HMRC error affects 5 Million UK taxpayers

The Daily Telegraph has reported that HMRC have made miscalculations in millions of taxpayers’ pay and tax calculations for the 2013-14 tax year. We have already been contacted by many of our clients whose employees have received form P800 which they believe to be incorrect as the forms show they have earned more than they actually have and therefore owe more tax than they actually do. There is a commitment to resolve the issue fully within the next 6-8 weeks, but in the meantime, if they believe the HMRC calculation is wrong, employees should not pay any monies that are shown as an underpayment and not cash any cheques that have been sent where a repayment has been calculated. HMRC also advise that any employees’ tax codes that have been altered in error will be corrected at a later date, however, they have as yet not made a statement confirming or denying any errors. Read The Telegraph’s article for more details.

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