Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving was launched back in 1987 but only 6% of UK employers currently offer the scheme to their employees, so there is still massive scope to give charities access to huge income they are missing out on. Many employees would like to donate to charity this way but more businesses need to offer payroll giving to meet this demand. It is a great way for employers to show they care about more than just their profits, it helps their staff feel they are doing something positive and it costs nothing to set up.

The attractiveness of payroll giving to charities is clear, as they receive all of the tax on every donation they receive. If an employee donates £10 a month to be deducted from their salary via the payroll, the charity actually receives £12.50, making their money go even further. The real benefit is that it forms a sustained, regular income stream that charities can rely on. Employees also get immediate tax relief and employers get a Quality Mark award for demonstrating commitment to the causes that their employees care about, so everybody wins.

Please consider payroll giving for your business, your employees and your local charities this Christmas.

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