RTI…Is it working so far?

Since RTI started, we are told that the majority of employers have come on board and have been submitting successfully and all is working well. However, for many employers this has not been the case, and although they have reported RTI correctly, they have been inundated with apparent underpayments due to discrepancies between the employers […] Read more »

Paye Late Filing Penalties

HMRC have addressed the concerns about the delay in informing employers of late PAYE end of year returns and subsequent penalties. In previous years, employers who did not file their annual P35 return by 19 May incurred penalties of £100 per 50 or fewer employees for each month that their return was late. In some […] Read more »

Tax Year End Preparations

The end of another tax year is approaching. This is a busy time for payrollers and there are numerous payment and reporting deadlines to be met if penalties are to be avoided. It is vital that employers and their agents understand what needs to be done and when, and that they have all the required […] Read more »