Automatic Enrolment Costs

A recent survey of employers being asked if they have encountered additional costs in respect of the new automatic enrolment responsibilities has revealed that the potential financial burden incurred could prove to be sizeable. More than 43% said they had faced additional costs with almost a quarter saying they needed additional resources. The expenses incurred […] Read more »

RTI: The importance of reporting Hours Worked

From October 2013, the new Universal Credits system will start to be introduced around the UK. This new benefits system will replace income support, housing benefit, job seekers allowance and employment and support allowance. Then, from April 2014, workers who are currently claiming tax credits will claim universal credits instead. It is therefore crucial that […] Read more »

Real Time Information: An Introduction

By now you would surely have heard about Real Time Information (RTI), the completely new system of reporting PAYE to HMRC. Starting from April 2013, under RTI, employers will submit information about PAYE payments to HMRC online throughout the year, rather than at the end of the year. Every time you process your payroll, your […] Read more »