About Us

About Sussex Payroll Services Limited

How did Sussex Payroll Services Ltd get started?

Three colleagues had worked well together for over 10 years at one of the UK’s Top 10 accountancy firms. An opportunity arose in December 2010 to set up our own UK Payroll Bureau. The chosen name speaks for itself, the team all live and work in Sussex and our service line is payroll. However, we do provide payroll services for the whole of the UK.

What can we offer over other UK payroll bureaux?

With more than a century of payroll years experience between us, we pride ourselves on our good relationship with our clients, our attention to detail and great teamwork. Sussex Payroll Services are big enough to guarantee you peace of mind but we are small enough to care, giving you that personal touch service and support from the whole team that our clients really appreciate and rely on.

Meet the Payroll girls…

The Team

We have been a team for 20 years

Tania Lees
Tania has 37 years payroll experience, 21 with a UK Top 10 accountancy firm.
Star sign: Aquarius – rational, loyal and dependable.
TV: Taskmaster, Gogglebox, House Of Games.
Books: Penny Vincenzi, Peter James, Lesley Pearce
Music: Billie Eilish, Muse, Chillout, 80s

Michelle Berry
Michelle has 37 years payroll experience, 18 with a UK Top 10 accountancy firm.
Star sign: Gemini – sociable, versatile and curious.
TV: I’m a Celebrity, consumer programmes, real life murder stories.
Books: E L James
Music: Rihanna, R&B, Dance

Hazel Skilling
Hazel has 39 years payroll experience, 10 with a UK Top 10 accountancy firm.
Star sign: Pisces – compassionate, receptive, imaginative.
TV: Crime dramas
Books: Thrillers
Music:  Varied