Outsourced Payrolls for Brighton Accountants

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Brighton Accountants Feist Hedgethorne who have made the decision to outsource their entire client payroll service to Sussex Payroll Services.

We had worked several years ago with Jamie Young, now one of the directors at Feist, who knew we had set up our own business and were doing well and were successfully working with other local accountants who had outsourced their payrolls to us.

When Feist’s Payroll Manager recently advised them she was leaving, this prompted the partners to consider carefully how they best provide on-going payroll services for their 165 clients and they concluded that the best option was to work in partnership with a specialist local payroll bureau and came to us. This brings our client count to over 350 payrolls in less than 2 years in business of which we are extremely proud.

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